Monday, March 5, 2018

Coldstone Ice Cream

here, i'll be sharing my kids favorite brand of ice cream in town...the Coldstone!!!

i usually buy once a week

guess what flavors does my kids like?

chocolate, strawberry and pistachio :-)

Alex said, "Mom, can i marry the son of the owner of Coldstone so i can have their ice cream everyday?" - yes, she loves every scoop of it :-)
stay blessed!

Apple Watch Series 3

this item is TJ's last wish last Christmas 2017...i asked a friend to buy this for him in HK.

when Alex handed it to TJ, he was ecstatic :-)

he immediately sync it to his cellphone...

finally, his wish was granted :-)
stay blessed!

Simply Modular Ph

i was looking for a cabinet that i can put on to my home office when i stumbled with this brand in instagram...
and they just opened their branch in 30th mall Ayala so i went there yesterday.

 i first checked their product and it's design...

 then i checked their packages...

 i made my own design and had them quote the price...

 and after checking the price, hey they gave a 12% discount until the end of my items are being prepared...
my design
 how much it cost? here...

 went home past 7 pm last night, rechecked the items...
 and let our yaya and Uriel fix it for me :-)

 ok, someone is helping too :-)
 i realized, my design was much taller than i expected it so the first batch i make it like this nalang :-)

 while the second batch i had it this way :-)

best thing about this modular, you can change the design often as you please :-) to know more about their product, you can visit their facebook account here.
stay blessed!