Friday, May 26, 2017

Alex @ 7

months before she turned 7, we asked her what she wants for her birthday - a big party or a travel to the US with Disney Cruise in Caribbean and Bahamas...she immediately answered with - to the Disney Cruise!!!
after more than 2 months of travelling, we went home a week before the day she will turned 7 - that day, she pour a C2 in a wine glass pretending to be cheering with us...
styled herself...
went to Toy Kingdom in SM Megamall

and bought all these toys - costing to almost 20,000 pesos
ate with family in Yabu
asked if she could play in an ice skating range
and the next day, we flew to Club Paradise in Coron

as always, we thank God for bringing you to our life, you are  our source of joy!

Ramen Nagi SM Aura

after my salon make over, we had our late dinner here, our first time :-)

when you are ready to order, they will asked you of this...
and while waiting, ate some chichiriya

food is so delicious :-) tip: don't need to buy any drinks, their free water is ok

Basement Salon Make Over

for 9 months (because of my pregnancy), my hair grew to this...
 and finally, after 3 weeks of giving birth, i went to my favorite salon for some make over
 my hair stylist helped me choose the perfect color combination

 start of coloring, it took 30 minutes to do this

my ever patient companion, accompanying me in almost all my activities
 had my foot massage too, sarap!

 time to rinse the color
 then after, they applied another set of color at the back portion of my hair for another 20 minutes or so

 had my hair rested for 15 minutes
 then went to a separate room to conduct the permanent blowdry...this procedure took us 1 & 1/2 hours
 they said, they needed to wear a gas mask to protect them from inhaling chemicals from my hair because they do this almost everyday

 after blowdrying, they had to iron my hair

 notice the change from...
 to this
 had my hair rested again for 15 minutes

 then rinse again 2 times
 blowdrying again
 final results, as always, i'm a satisfied customer (it is much nicer up close, because of the lighting that's why it look like this)
 final pose - it took me 3 &1/2 hours to do all this
 how much?

 i paid...
recommended shampoo
 tadah (awkward posed)